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Friends of Rotary

Welcome to the Anton Rotary Club’s ‘Friends of Rotary’ page.


The Friends programme is designed to provide a vehicle to allow those who would like to assist their local community through Rotary membership but don’t have the time or desire to become a full member of the Rotary International organisation.



What are ‘Friends of Anton Rotary’?

Friends of Rotary are people interested in assisting the work of Rotary but wno are unable to commit to full membership.They can become involved, working alongside club members within the local community by supporting the club’s projects and activities

What are ‘Friends of Rotary’ expected to do?

They will be invited to assist in current projects and also  to attend some of our meetings or events where they will get a closer understanding of what the club is currently doing and hear plans of future activities. This will also give an opportunity to meet other Friends and the club members.

How will I know of forthcoming events or projects where I can help and contribute?.

A quarterly newsletter will be circulated to all registered Friends, this will contain details of current and future projects and events with details of how to become involved.

Do I need to pay anything to become a Friend?

No, this is a voluntary effort and the club make no direct charge on Friends. Attendance at meetings, rather than project work, will attract a small charge for the meal typically around 10.

What can I bring to Rotary through the Friends programme?

Friends members can bring can bring extra skills and experience to Rotary clubs which will strenghten the clubs ability to support those in the local community who require assistance.

What will I gain through membership of the Friends programme?

New friends, an opportunity to make a difference in the community and have fun doing it.

Can I upgrade from Friend to full membership should my circumstances change?

Yes, as a valued Friend you would be welcomed into the Rotary organisation



Please email our coordinator  Ian McLeod on expressing your interest in becoming a ‘Friend’ and we will contact you!

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