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Due to the Coronavirus situation all external events have cancelled for the forseeable future. This blog is being suspended until fund raising and other social events can be restarted  It does however record the events the club has been involved with since 2015. 

Reviewed 20th September 2020.

What have we been up to?


Tuesday 23rd of June.  The club assembly was held under strange conditions forced upon us by the Coronavirus lockdown. Incoming President Gary introduced his vision of the year ahead. Chris Morris discussed project plans while Geoff Phiolpot signed in as Club Service lead for 2020-2021. Contact details for the office bearers can be found on the Meetings and Contact details page of the  website.

Tuesday 16th June. The official AGM took place, again over thye internet, all financial matters were discussed and accepted by the club. The restriction on time necessitated the AGM and Assembly, which are normally held on the same evening were split between two electronic meetings.

Tuesday 9th June. As part of our zoom meeting this week we had an illustrated talk by Rotarian Pete Richards on the life and times of Ramesses 2nd (1303-1213 BC), also known as Ramesses ‘The Great’ who reigned in Egypt from 1279 -1213 BC. Pete is an acknowledged lover of Egypt, it’s history and archeology and has visited a number of times.The club also reviewed the donation situation but considered that there were no new requests which required our immediate involvement.

Tuesday 2nd June.   9th week of lockdown, still unable to have ‘normal’ Rotary meetings so we continue to meet weekly on Zoom. Today’s meeting had 14 of our 17 members logged in. The main topic of conversation has been assisting other local charities who have been stretched during the pandemic. The club has providedgrants to 10 charities, totalling £1033o. Currently the grants are being used to maintain services provided by the charities as they start to look to life after the virus. Initial requests hd involved money to buy food and keep people alive. It has been agreed to continue weekly contact through Zoom and the club is to maintain contact with a number of local charities.

Thursday 30th April.  Now 4 weeks into the lockdown and the club is settled into weekly on-line meetings. We started using Skype but some members felt that the platform was a little unstable and the view of other members was limited to a maximum of 4 at a time. The club has now changed (along with 1/2 the world it would seem) to using the Zoom platform. This is proving much more successful and although we are still learning it is proving more acceptable and a better platform for the club. Our meeting this week had 13 signing in, 76% of club members. These meetings have allowed the club to discuss and award financial grants to 8 local charities to assist them with their work in the local.community. So far £5500 has been distributed and appeals for help are the first item on the meeting agenda every week.


Friday 3rd April. The country is in shutdown, no club meetings and isolation all round, so the club decided that a video messaging system would be a good way to keep in touch. A Skype system was suggested and work is on going to get as many members as possible onto the software A call today was a successful.trial with 3 members.A larger trial is programmed for next week.  The club has continued its charitable work by making two donations, one to the local Food Bank of £1000, and a smaller donation of  £500 to a local organisation, The Andover Self Isolation Group, working out of the Queen Charlotte pub in Andover who are supporting isolated people without any additional help. As well as food packages the group will collect and deliver prescriptions for local people.


Thursday 12th March.. Election day for Andover Town Council, the club was required to decamp from our usual haunt at the Oak which is used as a polling station for the local villages. As an alternative an evening at the Riverside Bowl had been planned but well before the raveges of the Coronavirus was sweeping the country. Never the less a bold core of members and ladies climbed the 48 stairs to the bowling floor to find we were the only customers. A startling performance by Chris Morris (score 122) won the day after which we all went to Town Mills for a meal.


Thursday 20th February 2020.  The club visited the Buddha in Andover to help celebrate the Chinese New Year. A near full turnout of the club and ladies helped fill the restaurant. The food was great, as usual and the company, jolly and friendly as always.

DSC_0522_4478R   DSC_0523_4479R   DSC_0524_4480R    DSC_0525_4481R


DSC_0526_4482R   DSC_0527_4483R  DSC_0528_4484R




Thursday 23rd January 2020.  A new year and a new event to be placed in the club calendar, Pete R. hosted a Burns Night at the Town Mills in Andover. 42 members and guests turned up (some in Hghland Dress in honour of the occasion).  The evening followed (roughly) the standard outline of a traditional Burns supper. Contributions were supplied by Pete - addressing the Haggis, Ian - The selkirk grace, Gary - toast to the bard, Fergus - toast to the lassies and Jean Mac -  toast  reply on behalf of the lassies. The night was filled with laughter and great food and was enjoyed by all. 

 DSC_0480_4438 R  DSC_0472_4431 R    DSC_0474_4433 R    DSC_0475_4434 R

DSC_0476_4435 R    DSC_0485_4443 R   DSC_0487_4445 R   DSC_0489_4447 R


Thursday 19th December. The club Christmas dinner, this year the club had decided to trial a more relaxed event. All previous dinners had been full dress ‘Black Tie’, For 2019 it was decided to go for a themed ‘Christmas Jersey’ evening and to remain in our usual setting at the Oak. The theme was not fully pressed on the ladies who were open to dress as they felt comfortable, this led to a friendly, if at times noisey evening, enjoyed by all. Sue, the landlady, had provided the setting and the menu and generally assisted to make the evening a success. Perhaps this may lead to other themed evenings, who knows?

Mike Dinner 1R   Mike Dinner 2R  Mike Dinner 3R


Sunday 15th of December, Most of the club members turned out to help with the collection at Andover’s own Christmas market. The sleigh was well situated right in the centre of the square in front of the Guildhall and on a major route through the collection of stalls. The number of visitors to the market was somewhat disappointing however we again waved the flag for Rotary and our club in particular. Two more collecting days to go, both at the ASDA superstore on Sunday the 22nd and Monday 23rd. After which Santa will be released from his earthly duties and sent off to prepare for Tuesday night.

Thursday 12th December, Election day in the UK, our usual meeting place has been requested to be a Polling Station so the club decanted for the evening to The Town Mills pub where Pete Richards the landlord gave us a detailed tour with a history of the building and its tranisition from its entry in the Doomsday Book in 1086 to present day. In 1086 Andover had 6 mills all powered by the River Anton.The present building dates from 1764 and was rebuilt in 1964. Since 2001, the Town Mills has been a traditional pub owned by Wadworths brewery.. After the tour a delightful meal was served by Pete and Pam. Pete is a club member.

town millsR 

Picture taken during the Annual Anton Rotary Duck Race day.


Sunday 8th of December. The start of the 2019 Christmas collections. A new venue for us this year, The Lights theatre in Andover are presenting a ‘Christmas wrapping market’ and the club has been asked to turn up with the sleigh. Members volunteered to cover today and 3 other locations before Christmas.  Very successful day, Over £200 in donations and a hristmas Santa raffle completed and drawn on the day.  Next outing at Andover Christmas market on Sunday 15th.

First Santa R   Santa & reindeer


Saturday  7th December. Club day out to Basingstoke. Afternoon visit to Milestones and the Christmas market with an evening outing to the Ice Hockey. We watched an exciting and bruising mactch between the Bisons and the Cardif Eagles. Bisons lost during a 5 min ‘golden goal’ playoff.

Wednesday 4th of December.  After a quieter November December started with the Presentation of a cheque for £1000 to Andover Young Carers. This was from funds raised at the Variety Show in St Mary’s Church in October

AYC presentation dec19-2 R   AYC presentation dec19-1R


Wednesday 30th of October  A number of members and their ladies attended a performance of ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ in a pop-up theatre in Salisbury. Although a small theatre a great evening was enjoyed by those who attended.

Saturday 12th October saw the 2019 Variety show take place in St Mary’s Church in Andover. Some of last years contributors were joiined by The show choir and a keyboard soloist from Harrow Way School and two young rising acts Matt Marshall (guitar and songwriter) and Maddison Douch and her band The Moorside.

Saturday & Sunday 31st August and 1st September. This was the annual Autumn metal detecting weekend, a lot of coins were found including 2 gold ones.

Thursday 18th July. Continuing the sports theme members and the ladies met up at the Riverside Bowl in Bridge Street in the Andover town centre. A fiercely contested match ended in a victory for the current President Mike Walton. The company then retired to a local Inn for a well deserved supper.

Thursday 11th of July. This is the start of the club’s summer sports season, tonight at The Oak, the club assembled for a Boules competition. This will be followed up on the 18th by 10 pin bowling at the rink in Andover then the 22nd of August will see the Annual Footgolf competition at The Hampshire Golf Club.  A more relaxed sports evening is planned for September when a trip to watch a 20-20 Blast cricket match at the Ageas Bowl at Southampton, will take place.

Sunday 7th July. The Club was asked to assist the organisors of the local event ‘Andover Festival of Cycling’ which was being staged in aid of Wessex Prostate Cancer Care. No lie-in for club members who were charged with providing the registration facility from 7am! Various different rides had been planned, 80mls., 50mls, and 25mls. The day was somewhat overcast which obvious suited the elite cyclists. At 8am  the 80 milers led off  being followed 30 mins later by the 50 milers with the 25 mile class riders departing at 9am. New Club Senior Vice President Gary Adams took part with the 50 milers and was last seen, by the early shift Rotarians, cycling away from the Andover Guild Hall. Other ‘fun’ cycle rides were programmed to take part during the day but they had their own registration system and didn’t involve club members.


Thursday 4th July.  Presidential Handover 2019.  Members, family and guests gathered together to witness the annual ceremony of passing on the Presidential Chain from 2018-9 President Alex to Mike Walton who looks forward to maintaining Anton Rotary’s support for chatitable ventures in the Andover area. Amongst the clubs guests were Peter Howson immediate Past President of Andover Rotary and Michelle Gard from the Countess of Brecknock Hospice Appeal. This has been one of the charities the club has supported in 2018-9 and Michelle was presented with another cheque for £1000. The incoming president indicated that the club would continue to support this very worthy cause through his year in office.

Charter hand over R    h-over-004 R  h-over 002 R  h-over 003 R  


Wednesday 12th June.     Kids Out day, Along with many other clubs in our district we took special school kids to Marwell Zoo for a day away from their desk. 36 kids and approx 20 teachers classroom assistants and some Rotarians spent an enjoyable day (only dry one this week) seeing the animals around the zoo. A packed lunch was provided  along with tee shirts and ‘Kids Out’ hats. This is the 20th year that the club has joined in with the UK wide day out, it’s already in the calendar for 2020.

IMG_1392 R   IMG_1397_R   IMG_1403 R   IMG_6241 Barry R  

IMG_6245 Barry  R   IMG_1398_R   IMG_1394 R   IMG_1402_R




Bank Holiday Monday 27th May.     The Anton Duck Races were again staged on the River Anton  at Town Mills pub. The Andover population turned out in large numbers to watch the 8 races and cheer on their numbered duck. the club arranged food and drink, face painting and access to the pub. The weather was kind (although kind of windy at times) and a great day was enjoyed by all.

DSC_0524R     20190527_131156R    DSC_0519R  DSC_0537R    DSC_0443 R

20190527_101743R   DSC_0560R 




Thursday 9th of May. Members met up with Susan Turner (Regional Elected Member) of Cruse bereavement charity to present a cheque for £2000. This follows the refurbrishment of the charities Andover Offices carried out by the Club earlier this year, also in attendance was Iris Anderson a long time supporter of the charity.

Cruse PresentationR


Monday 6th May,  The Club presented it’s Motorcycle and car show at the Weyhill Showground near Andover.70 vehicle owners brought their cars and Motorbikes and showef then off to the visitors.Although no entry fees were charged a collection was take for The Hospice and a sum of £615 was raised.

Barry 10R     Herbie 5 GeneralR     Herbie 1 Best in showR     DSC_0432 R)

DSC_0421R    DSC_0423mikeR     DSC_0434R    carshowR


Friday 3rd May. The President Alex  had arranged a site viisit to the Hospice extension at the Andover  Hospital. The group were guided around the site and the layout  explained. The Hospice is the clubs major charity for this year.

Hospice visit 2R   Hospice visit 3R


Thursday 2nd May. Club  members handed over the ˜Music Room, to the staff at the Little  Junction. The room is already in regular use teaching music skills to a  number of budding musicians.

DSC_0395R   DSC_0414R   DSC_0410R   DSC_0404R


Friday 29th of March,  Following an interesting talk by Nigel Knott on behalf of Canine  Partners who train and supply assistace dogs to partially handicaped  people. President Alex presented Nigel with a cheque to be presented to the organisation from the Anton Rotary Club.

Cheque to Canine Partners R


Thursday 28th of February.  The club was happy to welcome back our favorite €˜associate memberrecknock€™ Bill  Coombes and his wife Sue. Bill has given the club a series of  educational and informative talks over the last 10  years. This was no exception, Bill discussed the origins of Gin  production, it’s spread over Europe and the centre of London in the 17  and 18th century. At one time in the square mile there was 1 gin shop for every 200 of the population, gin was cheaper than beer! He then  explained how modern gin is produced and what differentiates the well  known brands. The evening concluded when Rotarian Chris Baxendale was invited to make some gin.  Chris is seen to be grinding up some of the constituant parts of the  mixture. The resultant product was shared around amonst the members.

gin nigh R


Saturday 23rd of February. The two Rotary Clubs in Andover joined together to offer Afternoon Tea to invited guests to celebrate the  continual involvement of the  Rotary Movement to help eradicate the Polio from all the countries of  the world. At the moment only 2 countries are registering new Polio  cases. The afternoon event, held in the Guild Hall in Andover, was attended  by Local Mayors, Polio sufferers,  local Rotarians and some of the local companies who have helped both  clubs throughout recent years. Music was provided by the Wyvern Dance  Band.  Polio eradication is one of the  main projects world wide of the Rotary International Organisation, in  this they are supported by bthe Bill gates Foundation. The Picture shows the 2 Club Presidents,

 Alex Armstrong (on left) and Peter Howson of Andover Rotary Club

Presidents 2R 


Sunday 17th February.  A  group of members attended the Ice Rink at Basingstoke to experience an  Ice Hockey match , this was a new event for the club, no one had been  before. It was an exciting and noisey event with the Basinstoke Bison  hosting the Swindon Wildcats. Unfortunately for the locals the Wildcats  won 5-1.

ice hockey 1   Ice Hockey 2R    Ice Hockey 3R     Ice Hockey 4R


Thursday 31st Jan and Friday 1st February. Club members gave up their normal meeting to spend the evening (and Friday  morning) to redecorate the office suite used by the Andover Branch  of  Cruse Bereavement Care.  Cruse has been designated one of this years  charities by President Alex. New carpet throughout will complete this  round of  help to this important local resourse. Antons involvement with Cruse goes back to 2007 when the then President Dr Peter Acres, handed  over a cheque for £1000 to help fund the charities help line and pay for extra training for volunteers .

cruse alex 5R   cruse alex 2R   cruse alex 4R   cruse alex 7R




Weekend 22nd and 23rd of December.   Members and their family turned out to rattle tins and interact with the  Andover shoppers at theTesco Extra supermarket in  Andover   President Alex led the operation, although not  always from the sleigh!

santa 9R-T    santa 6R-T    santa 12R-T   santa 8R-T

Were open to offers for sites in 2019!!!!!



Saturday 15th December.  Party over and the club got back to work with the first of this years Santa  collections at the ASDA superstore in Andover’s town centre. Comments  suggests the the shoppers were happy to see Rotary on the streets again.

asda santa 2R    asda santa 3R


Friday 14th December  Following a busy year the club met for some R&R with the annual Christmas  party. This was held at The Lion in Clanville The meal was followed by a dance session with Rotarians Chris Baxendale and Tony Lynn providing  the music and enthusiam.

xmas party 1R   xmas party R2

Saturday 10th November. Along with  members from many other local clubs, Anton members joined in the  warehousing of the 2018 Shoebox appeal. Clubs from around the district  will deliver their shoeboxes to the central collection point in a  disused warehouse on West Portway Industrial Estate in Andover. Andover  Rotary Club had, once again, taken responsibility for the collection and distribution of the boxes on behalf of District 1110.

shoebox1R   shoebox2R   shoebox3R   shoebox4R


Monday -Friday 5th - 9th November. Work has continued this week to complete the ‘Music Room’ for the Junction  project. Walls and roof have been completed and painted.Carpet arranged  for the floor. All the clubs work has to be completed before Monday  12th  when the electrician arrives to connect the room and carry out  internal wiring.

shed 2R 071118 (250 x 188)    shed 3R 071118 (250 x 188)    final paint R 81118 (250 x 188)    final paint 2R 81118 (250 x 188)

 IMG_5833R    Final internal view 2   Final internal view1



Saturday 27th October. Club members returned to The Junction and began the installation of  insulation and internal walls in the new music room. The Junction has  been an on-going project for 3 years and the provision of this external  space marks the final construction for the charity.

IMG_5706R   Shed lining3 R    shed lining 2R (250 x 188)   Shed lining4 R



Thursday 25th October. President Alex Armstrong and Past President Barry Hawgood visited staff at the  Countess of Brecknock Hospice and presented a cheque for £2000, this was the result of the fund raising around the successful Variety Show  presented by the club on Saturday the 6th of October. The Hospice team  indicated that the funds would be used to provide specic support  for  staff and patients.


Tuesday 23rd October. Past President Barry Hawgood visited Stephan West of Forces Re-engineered  and presented him with a cheque for £1000. Stephan had visited the club  in September and explained how his business was designed to assist  ex-Service personnel who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress  disorder (PTSD)  and to help them reintegrate into society.

Forces Re-engineered is a social enterprise that seeks to assist injured  ex-service men and women by providing the opportunity to start a new  career to be come a qualified motor vehicle  technician. This is achieved by providing a first-class training enviroment in a specially designed  workshop adapted to accommodate the particular needs of those suffering  from PTSD. Forces Re-engineered is based on the Walworth Industrial  Estate in Andover.


Saturday 6th October  SHOWTIME. After months of planning we finally got the clubs Variety show on stage€ 3 Choirs, 3 Soloists and 1 instramentalist who all gave their time free  in  support of the Countess of Brecknock Hospice appeal. MC Graham North  assisted by linking all the acts together and a wonderful night of music was enjoyed by an audience from  Andover and it’s surrounds. Club  members were in’best bib and tucker’ adding to the atmosphere of the  evening. The club are very grateful to the sponsors who have helped make the evening possible.

DSC_0036R   DSC_0046R   DSC_0039R   DSC_0049R

The  Andover Ladies Choir with musical director Clare Minting, who also sang  solo. Vigo Primary School Choir directed by Louise Weymouth. Andover  Rock Choir directed by Rachel Hockley who also sang solo, Rachel is a  professional singer. The third soloist was Laura Shears from the Musical Theatre Group in salisbury. Catherine McCardel our violinist studies  music at the Royal College of Music. The Past Presiden Barry Haygood  acted as show committee chairman and ovewrsaw the production from its  inception.



Saturday 22nd September; Community Service.  An unusual request for the club, Sergeant Catherine MacDonald from Andover Police station had requested assistance with a Weapons Sweep to be  carried out in the Roman Way area of Andover. A number of our metal  detecting friends had agreed to assist and we all met at Andover Police  Station for a briefing prior to heading out to Roman Way. The area to be checked was roughly bases around the skatepark. We were split tno teams each containing a metal detector, a police officer and a helper. A  small number of suspect items were found and taken away by the police.

    Weapons sweep1R   Weapons sweep3R


Thursday 14th of September. Taking time out from a busy schedule the members took time out to  engage in an evening of Skittles at The eagle in Abbotts Ann.A  tense and close match was played out between two teams but with only the glory going to the  winners  .

IMG_5718R   IMG_5719R   IMG_5721R     IMG_5720R


During the week ending the 14th of September, the external building has been delivered and assembled in the grounds  of the Junction project. It’s expected that the room  will be used as a music room as well as a hang out space. The next job will be to add  insulation and internal walls to complete the construction.

IMG_5706R   IMG_5709R   IMG_5708R   IMG_5710R


Weekend 1st and 2nd of September. The weekend saw the 2018 Metal Derecting event take place on land offered  by a new farmer. Fields we had not used before although the event was  centred on the Wehill Fair pub near Andover. We had 150 detectorists  registered over the 2 days with about 25 camping on the land behinf the  pub. As usual we provided breakfast and lunch  service cooked by our  Chefs of the day Sheryl and Pete. A number of interesting finds were  registered including a James 1 sixpence (1606), a Nunrenburg Jetton  dated around 1500. Many other coins from Roman times through Charles  1,George 2 and Victoria. A number of belt buckles, musket balls  and  other small metal pieces. One of the more interesting finds was a  Portugese Love token dated 1689 - 1750.

Cafe1R   LT2R   Bits 1R   Silcoin2R   alex1R


Thursday 9th of August  Members and guests took part in the clubs ‘Annual Footgolf  Challenge’. This is held at the Hampshire Golf Club nr Andover. 21 turned up on the evening, 17 took part in the competition and and an additional 4 came for the meal afterwards. Past President Barry Hawgood was the mens champion and the ladies prize went to Pam Richards. An enjoyable and competitive evening ensued, and an excellent supper was enjoyed by all.


Weekend Friday 13th July - Monday 16th. The Club was asked to assist in an attempt on the 3 peaks (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon in 24 hrs.) being carried out by a team of 10 runners from Energie Gym in Andover. The clubs involvement was as drivers, camp superintendents, Gofors etc. The distance between the peaks was driven during the nights. The exercise started at Ben Nevis 5pm on Saturday 14th and the Snowdon peak was completed 3pm on Sunday 15th of July.  Money was being raised for Andover Young Carers, a long time recipitent of assistance from Anton Rotary. As well as the physical assistance the club decided that it would donate £100 to the sponsorship raised by each runner so an additional £1000 was handed over to the group on Saturday 28th.

AYC Anton  Total Cheque R                                            AYC Total Cheque (600 x 170)

The group of runners raised £4850 which with the clubs additional donation made a Grand Total of £5850 which was presented to Andover Young Carers.

The 4 Club members directly involved were  Past President Barry Hawgood, Snr Vice Mike Walton and club members Richard Vaughan and Richard Mason.Sunday 17th June   Anton Rotary set up camp at the Mayor’s Picnic in the Rec Park in Andover. The inexperienced balloon benders in the club, blew up balloons and attempted to  shape them into swords, animals and flowers. We were ably assisted by a young lady who turned up on the stand and whose ability put the rotarians to shame.The Mayor visited us and left clutching a balloon presented by Alex our incoming president.

tent assR                   what nextR                   Like This



Wednesday 13th June 2018, National ‘Kids Out’  day. Anton Rotary took kids from 3 special school, in Andover, to Marwell Zoo as part of the Rotary District ‘Kids Out’ event. There we joined in with groups representing most of the clubs in District 1110 (East). Around 50 kids from Andover, teachers and helpers .spent a day at the zoo, on a lovely sunny day. Time allowed a train ride, a leisurely walk round and a great lunch before it was time for the busses to be waved off on their return to school.

Anton Rotary has supported ‘Kids Out’ for the last 20+ years and although the format has changed over that time it remains one of the first events to be included in the diary each year.

DSC_0990R   DSC_0992R    DSC_0994R   DSC_1000R

DSC_1009R  DSC_103R   DSC_0986R


Monday 28th May 2018.  First major public event of 2018, ‘THe Great Anton Duck Race’, held on the river between The Town Mills pub and Bridge Street in Andover. All permissions received,a sponsor for every race some of whom took the opportunity to demonstrate their good with a display on site. The generous support of the management from the pub and a hot sunny day contributed to making this a successful day for all concerned. The local schools were given an opportunity to ‘sell’ ducks and keep any monies raised for their funds. Remaining tickets were sold to the public either in advance or on the day.

blog1            blog 2          blog 3

blog 4            blog 8   blog 6  blog 5




Thursday 11th January 2018.  The start of a new year and the club, following enquiries over Christmas, decided to launch a ‘Friends of Anton Rotary programme. The scheme is aimed at individuals who would like to assist in the local community but are unable to become full members of Rotary. Details are available by clicking on the icon on the front page of this website or by asking any club member. The club has agreed to become sponsers of the Andover Rugby Club under 14 team. This will see the team carrying the club logo on their shirts.


Thursday 14.12.17  was the Clubs annual Christmas Dinner, held this year at The Lion in Clanville. The dinner was followed by a disco session with Rotarian Chrios Baxendale acting as DJ. 

There are no further club meetings until Thursday January the 11th.

                Xmas party2R      xmas party 1R


Friday 27.10,17, Barry and Richard finished the installation of the kitchen units at River House. (The Junction)


Kitchen UnitsR 27.10.17


Thursday 27.10.17, Finished painting the stairwell, kitchen, bathroom and started on the general reception area.

 Also assembled the first of the kitchen units and hung on the wall. Work is expected to continue in the kitchen tomorrow to install the remaining units.

IMG_1132R   IMG_1133R    IMG_1134R  IMG_1135RThe Junction2   IMG_1136 R


Thursday 19th October. Painting finished in the kitchen, stairwell painted. Next week should see additional cupboards being put up in the kitchen, and work starting on the reception atrea

.The junction 1R (250 x 188)


Thursday12th of October. The Junction project.

This Thursday saw the start of decorating work at the Junction Project. 2 corridors painted, First work session on the kitchen. 8 Rotarians busy with sandpaper and paint.  Retire to the Royal Oak at Charlton for a beer and food afterwards. To be continued.


Monday 25th September.  Mini Production Tour at BMW’s Cowley plant near Oxford. 

Following on from the Festival of Motoring on Sunday a group of members and friends decampted to the Mini Production Facility near Oxford.We saw the Body assembly shop where 1000 robots form and build the various versions of the Mini. We were then taken into the final assembly area where a car rolls off the line every 67 seconds, 24 hours a day. An exciting, educational and mind blowing tour.

RED MINI R     Orange Robot R


Sunday 24th September   Andover Festival of Motoring

The 3rd annual Festival of Motoring in Andover High Street saw the club collecting money for the Junction Project, Over £250 was collected from the generous visitors to the show.Here are some of the pictures from the day

Festival of motoring gazebo 24917 (200 x 150)   Festival of motoring 1R      Festival of motoring 4R  Festival of motoring 10R

Festival of Motoring 5R   Festival of Motoring 6R    Festival of Motoring 7R     festival of motoring 8R  

Festival of Motoring 9R  


Thursday 6th of July   Presidential Hand over

As a new year starts the club Presidency was ‘handed over’ to Rtn Barry Hawgood from President Richard Vaughan. President Barry set out his plans for the year ahead and thanked past President Richard for all his work during the past Presidential year.



Saturday July 1st   Andover Family Festival

Along with The Andover Rotary Club we arranged and produced The Andover Family festival at the Charlton Sports Ground in Andover. The weather helped make this a very successful event. There was music (on stage), a dog show,a car show, a fairground, flying display  and gun dog demonstrations in the main arena,

AFF5R       AFF1R   DSC_1433R   DSC_1394R

More pictures from the show can be found by clicking HERE



Sunday 14th May.  Romsey Rotary Mini Marathon

 1263CR   1264CR   1265CR   1267CR

Anton had been asked to assist in marshalling the race. A lovely Sunday morning, hundreds of runners of all ages and abilities. Some of our club turned up to help and to learn how events like this were organised.




Saturday 8th April, Metal Detecting week end.

A bright sunny morning welcomed around 120 detectors to the biggest Antom Rally ever. (2 days, over 250 detectors expected, 220 acres available).  Wonderful facilities lent by our favourite farmer. What could be better?  By 10am we had received many messages praising the organisation of the event!

md april17 002R     md april17 003R    md april17R   md april17 001R



Thursday 23rd March.  Social evenings are over, gone the Chinese Meals and Skittles time for the club to get back to work with a visit to Norman Gate School. The school wanted to plant a wild flower meadow but required some assistance from their favourite Rotary Club. A couple of weeks ago Chris and Tony attended and sprayed weedkiller on 6 strips of grass, approx 1mtr by 20. Tonight the heavy squad turned up with a hired rotavator. The strips were proessed (3 runs per strip) and the ground now left for the children to sprinkle wild flower seeds over the ready areas. Hope they will ask us back later to see the results.  .

007NGR      IMG_2802R   009RNG    IMG_2799R

    010RNG    We also did some hedge trimming while the others took turns at rotavating




Thursday 16th March saw the club members ‘fuelling’ up in preporation for a busy 2nd half of the Rotary year. A Visit to the Buddha restaurant was called for, ‘eat all you want’ said the menu, so we did and filling and happy social event ensued.

Buddha 1R    Buddha 3R   Buddha 2


27th January 2017 saw the money raised during the club’s Christmas collection being presented by President Richard Vaughan to The Foyer project at The Junction Centre in Andover.

                               Foyer presentation R           Paula Philp and Chas Taylor accept the cheque for £2000

 The Andover Foyer, being part of the larger Junction project which provides a drop-in centre for homeless and unemployed teenagers and young adults in the Andover Area,. Two particular projects are to benefit from the donation; ‘The Steps Club’, an arts crafts and activities group for people with learning difficulties between the ages of 18 and 36, and  a project called ‘The Soundwave’, a project designed to teach the basics of music production including lessons on various instruments.



December 20, 23rd and 24 saw the club out collecting at the ASDA superstore in Andover. A motley crew some in disguise, managed to encourage the wonderful customers to handover any pennies left after their christmas shopping. Our grateful thanks go to ASDA for allowing the use of their premises and also to he generous shoppers of Andover, we hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you all the best for 2017.

Late news just in:- Santa said that he enjoyed meeting the Andover people so much he will be back next year!

sheryl1R         sheryl2 R        sheryl3R


November 7th to 12th and our members were once again happy to work with Andover Rotary Club to administrate and control the logistics of the 2016 District Shoe box appeal. The boxes were being collected in a warehouse rented for a month at Eastover Farm on the Andover to Salisbury Road. Saturday saw a constant stream of vans from Clubs all over the district arrive at prearranged times to off load their cargo. The volunteers then catagorised the boxes and stacked them onto pallets ready for on shipping to Romania and other countrys in time for Christmas.

146R          142R    139 R




November 10th 2016 Bill Coombes, a long time friend of Anton Rotary, joined us last evening  and game one of his now famous talks. This time we were enthraled with the story of the ‘Romans in South England’. and in particular the local area. The fact filled presentation had particular reference to the clubs metal detecting activities and helped to explain the number of Roman coins found on these MD days.

Amoungst many other facts Bill indicated that the centre of the Roman Settlement in the Andover area is in fact within a coiple of miles from the Oak where the club meets regularly on a Thursday evening. Bill also displayed a number of Roman finds including a small oil lamp (complete) which would have burned olive oil.


October 2nd 2016 saw the second Metal Detecting day this year. Over 120 ‘detectors’ from all over the country, including the coach party from wales spent a glorious sunny Sunday covering 120 acres in search of hidden treasure. The last man off the field displayed a neolithic hand axe. Many other interesting finds were made and the club continued its friendly relationship with those who spend their weekends hoping to discover missing parts of our histor

                      031R    025R   026R

    First Sheryl fed them breakfast, then they lined up and at 10am ‘It’s all go!



August 25th saw Club members experience the sport of FOOTGOLF at The Hampshire Golf Club nr Andover. The brave soles who took on the challenging course had a fun filled evening and some even managed to get the ball (large) into the hole (even larger. The winning team led into the bar and a well earned supper in the clubghouse.

August 19th saw some members enjoy an evening at Salisbury races where the racing was followed by music provided by a ‘QUEEN’ tribute band.

August 3rd 2016, the club presented a cheque for £2200 to the Whizz-kidz organisation.

Norman Geller, the well known sports journalist and writer of over 100 specialised sports books addressed the members at The Oak. His experience with the England Football team and playerts goes back to 1966.

.                                         whizkids (200 x 112)    Norman Geller


July 3rd saw the annuall Swimathon held at the Andover Leisure Centre Pool. Many swimmers took part with a number reaching the target of ‘swim a mile’ for your charity. One very keen swimmer Milly managed to achieve 200 lengths of the pool within the 2 hour session. This equated to 5KM..

                                  DSCF0953 R            swimathon overview (200 x 134)-R                                                             


30th of June saw the club presidency handed over from Barry Hawgood to Richard Vaughan. The event took place at the Hampshite golf club. Out going President Barry presented the members ladies with a bouquet of flowers.

                            2 Pres Handover (200 x 126)-R                                  ladies & flowers (200 x 150)-R             



March 2016    The Big Metal Detect

The weekend of 19-29th of March saw Metal Derectors from all mover the country desend on Andover for thye 2016 event. Some participhants camped on the field behind the Weyhill Fair and were served a very english breakfast by the staff. This was a new addition to regular detects hosted by Anton Rotary wnd proved to be the most successful so far, Over £2000 was raised for the Presidents charities and a great weekend was enjoyed by all.


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 5th 6th & 7th of October  2015  The club hired a canal boat from The Bruce Trust and arranged day trips for pupils from 3 of Andovers special schools on the Kennet and Avon Canal..

                                                              oct15ng4 (250 x 141)              


Sunday 27th September

This was the latest in the club’s series of Metal decting days. (see metal detecting page) once again we were supported by a local farmer allowing access to a field nr Penton

.                                                                       DSCF0743 R (100 x 67)                          


Saturday 19th of September

AYC garden, following last years major project the club has been carrying out occasional maintainence work and today we cut the grass, dug over the vegetable plot and generally tidied up for the winter.


Sunday 30th of August 2015

In conjunction with the Andover Rotary Club we staged the first effort at recreating the ‘Andover Show’.  Thruxton Racing Ciruit generously allowed us to use the facilities there, the day was split into 2 halves with The Show in the afternoon with a rock concert at night.

During the afternoon a group from Gosport put on a childrens show based on Frozen Princesses and Minions, this was agreat success with all the children and many adults.

Unfortunately the weather was not totally kind to us with rain in the evening which helped to restrict the numbers turning up for the concert. The music was provider by two band fron the south of England, RELOAD and Call Me Blondie. Both put on stirring performances despite the rain

                                  Barry 13R                           


Sunday July 5th 2015

This was the date of the second Anton Swimathon, entries were challanged to’swim a mile’ and many did. The event supported by Andover Leisure raised over £2000 for local Rotary charities. Well done to all who took part.



April 17-19 2015

The club had a first ‘weekend away’ at the Manor House hotel nr Oakhampton in Devon. We are joined by  ex-member Jon Pierce and his wife Joanna. Plenty of golf for the golfers and lots of other activities for the non golfers and in the evenings

                           137 R                     391R





Thursday 6th June 2013

As the International Space Station crossed the sky over Andover on Thursday evening, members of Anton Rotary Club and their guests settled down to listen to a most interesting illustrated talk about life on the International Space Station (ISS) and the   background to its scientific research work. 

                                                    NetObjects Web Design Placeholder            NetObjects Web Design Placeholder                  


The talk was delivered by Bill Coombes, a fellow Rotarian from Bournemouth.  Bill worked as a science technician at a Bournemouth secondary school and is a local NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Ambassador.  He is the link person between NASA’s ISS project and local schools and radio enthusiasts, he can communicates with the ISS and the astronauts on board as well as having privileged access to their photographic and video material.

Rotary Friends and family members were invited, as well as the head and deputy head of a local school.  Altogether this was a most enlightening talk enjoyed by all present


Saturday the 15th of June saw the club celebrate its 1000th meeting since the club was formed in 1993. The Club invited past members, and friends spanning the past 20 years

A number of founder members are still with the club and they were introduced to the guests. Representatives from the local Rotary District and Andover Rotary were in attendance.

Sir George Young (the local MP) was the guest of honour and led the toast to Anton Rotary.

Following the meal guests were invited to dance the night away to retro music provided by ‘The Covers’


During the Presidential handover outgoing President Richard Vaughan presented a cheque for £2500 to Sarah Redhead representing The Countess of Brecknock Hospice Appeal. This had been President Richard’s charity for his year in office.

Following the presentation the official handover to President Herbie Wilhelmy took place.

President Herbie thanked Richard for all his efforts during the year before laying out his own plans for the coming year. President Herbie has decided that the club should aim to help as many local requirements as possible rather than having one main charity benefit from the clubs work.


With the completion of the project at Norman Gate School the following comments were made in the schools recent newsletter,


"Sometime ago I was lucky enough to be invited to speak to Anton Rotary Club.  Before i went I asked the children what they would like the club to help us with.  Green class made a powerpoint presentation about our field suggesting ways to make it better for the children to use. A few weeks later I was delighted to hear that Anton Rotary were going to support us by building two raised herb beds and create a woodland walk.  Anton Rotary is a small club and this was a big project so a major effort was made by all. The weekend of 28th June came and after much preparation the woodland was cut away and a walk put in with stopping places. The children have already been up exploring, looking at the plants and finding out about the wildlife."