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Anton Rotary Club


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Fund Raising

What has the club been up to?

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Anton Rotary looks forward to continuing to support the local community in and around Andover in 2018


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Metal Detecting

Community Service

For details of the 2018 Metal Detecting weekend

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Anton  Rotary are Currently Supporting


Junction Road Andover

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Friends of Rotary Programme

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Metal Detecting News Report


Andover Family Festival

Anton Rotary Club


Based in Andover in Hampshire, Anton Rotary Club comprises members from a wide range of occupations, meeting in an informal atmosphere. The club combines its Fundraising, Community Service and Project work, which are normally focused within the locality with a desire of the members to improve the local environment and have fun doing it.

The club usually undertakes a major project each year, which involves all members in either fund raising or physically contributing to improving the quality of life of some group within the community.

Pictures of the work undertaken on all projects will appear on our Photo Gallery. In some instances Child Protection Laws will restrict the visual images being shown. Our blog adds further details of our events over the last few years.

Anton Rotary believes in the importance of fellowship and fun, linked to useful work. We meet each Thursday evening at The Oak in Smannell at 7.30, our diary page details the next few months activities. 

Anton Rotary welcomes both men and women into membership of Rotary International.

We are always happy to hear from people who feel that they have something to contribute to the club and the local community and want to enjoy doing it.



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The Club’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy is available in a  PDF format.To view this please click on thebutton.                       button (50 x 50)


Interested in Joining us? Please email the club at

To read the club’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy please click on the link below.