Rotary Year 2023-24
2023 - 2024
May 16th
Club visit to the Countess of Breadnock Hospice tour and to present Cheque from 2023 Concert, at 6pm. Normal meeting at the Oak at 7.30. Kat to Organise.
up to 20 members max, Kat Arranging
May 23rd
Duck Race preporation and Briefing By Barry
May 25th (Saturday)
Duck Race Ticket Selling and General Information - Gazebo in the High Street
May 27th
2024 Duck Racing Event at The Town Mills Riverside Park
Members, Ladies and Guests
May 30th

Trip to Gilbert and Slulivan in Salisbury Alex to organise

Alternative Cricket trip Hampshire Vs Surrey, Gary Organiser

Members and Ladies by previous arrangement
June 6th
Business Meeting
June 13th
Speaker Evening, Allison De Burgh, Archer and Fight Scene Organiser.
Talk 'Rapiers vs Sabres in Shakespear plays'.
Ladies and Guests
June 20th
Speaker Evening. Bill Coombes Social Media and it's place in our lives.
Ladies and Guests
June 23rd (Sunday)
2014 Car Show at the Weyhill showground
Ladies and Guests
June 27th
Club AGM followed by 2024/5 Club Assembly
June 29th (Saturday)
Gazebo at 'Armed Forces Day' at Vigo Park, Public Information Display

District Handover Meeting
Members by arrangement
July 4th
Presidential Handover Crook and Shears Upper Clatford
Ladies and Guests
July 11th
July 12th - Friday
Schools Canal Boat Hire Week
July 13th - Saturday
Possible Care Home Trip TBC
July 14th - Sunday
Rotary Club day ou from wharf at Great Bedwin
July 15th - Monday
School Booking - Romanway
July 16th - Tuesday
School Booking- Wolversdene
July 17th - Wednesday
School Booking - Icknield
July 18th - Thursday
School Booking - Normangate
July 18th
July 25th
Aug 1st
Aug 8th
Aug 15th
Aug 22nd
Aug 29th
Sept 5th
Sept 19th
Sept 26th
2024/5 Possible Events
July Andover Cycle Event (Gary)
July 13th Wallop- Wings and Wheels
September Metal Detecting (Mike)
September Cyclying Support
October 'Celebrate Voice' Theatre Trip (Opera Salisbury)
November - Andover Trees (Other dates available)
December - Christmas Collection at Tesco Extra
Christmas Dinner/Party Thursday 12th December, Manor Hotel in Cholderton

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