What is Rotary?

Rotary International

Rotary is a worldwide organisation of volunteers dedicated to help those less fortunate than themselves.
Rotary International (RI) with over 1.2 million members spread throughout 200 countries is ready to assist recovery from diseases and natural disasters wherever they occur. One of the major projects over the last 38 years has been the campaign to eradicate the Polio virus worldwide. When the campaign started 1000 polio cases a day were being recorded in 125 countries. Now only 2 countries are still reporting new cases and millions of children have been saved by a simple vaccine. Currently RI and individual clubs are also helping the wider fight against Covid 19.
In Great Britain and Ireland 45,000 Rotarians in 1,700 clubs are volunteering their time, skills and talents to support their local communities and helping to provide aid where needed overseas.
Clubs individually, but within the organisation support Shelterboxes, Aquaboxes and Water Aid in poorer countries and also the installation of pumps to supply clean drinking water in many areas of Africa.

Anton Rotary
Anton Rotary was formed in 1994 and is based in the town of Andover in Hampshire. The club is a registered charity and many of our fund raising and ‘hands-on’ activities are focused on assisting other charitable organisations. The club usually undertakes a major project each year which involves all members in either fund raising or physically contributing to improving the quality of life of some group within the community. Pictures and details of the work undertaken will appear on our club blog. The archived attachment catalogues the activities of the club and its members throughout the recent years.
Fund raising to support other charities came to the fore during the first Covid lockdown. Many charities found themselves short of food and the means to support their clients. Anton Rotary provided financial support to a number of organisations in excess of £14,000, during that period.
The club runs annual events to raise funds while also providing entertainment and community support. These include Duck Racing on the Anton River in the Town Mills Park., Metal Detecting weekends. Live music events, Christmas collections and raffles.

Anton Rotary believes in the importance of fellowship and fun linked to useful work. We meet each Thursday evening at The Oak in Smannell, our diary page details the next few months activities. Anton Rotary welcomes both men and women into membership of Rotary International. For further club information please complete the short form on our
‘Contact Us’ page or talk to any club member at an Anton Rotary event.

Anton Rotary provides;
Support to other local charities
Fund Raising by establishment of regular events in Andover.
Social events and friendship for members and their partners including dinner evenings, visits to sports events and various other social outings.
Project events for schools and young people’s charities

Anton Rotary is a registered charity, our Charity Trust Reference is 10568715
Rotary International Club Number 29700 and are a member of District 1110 (Rotary Wessex)

Rotarians are;
  • People of Action
  • People who care
  • People who are innovative
  • People who solve problems
  • People having fun doing all these things.

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